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for Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV & others

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Our combine extensive multi-year expertise around mobile and smart TV app development to dive deep into each assignments specifics and achieve expected results with the help of developing and intuitive smartTV app.

Catching up with technology Smart TVs becoming SMART move for every product and service providing brand to connect millions of viewers and growing day by day. Which gives vivid wide screen experience. Broadcasters, Content owners, Service Provider and Technology companies investing a lot of effort in developing such applications for Smart TV and similar media platforms.

Our Smart TV app development experties emplify e-commerce, e-learning and other brands into the TV space with Smart TV, live Streaming, e-commerce and VOD applications.

Even though all smart TVs are built with the same goal in mind — helping you access your favorite content without a middleman — they don’t all work the same way. In general, each manufacturer uses a different operating system with its own individual features and peculiar aspects. To develope the App in Smart TV, our development team is skilled in a wide range of innovative techs, which lets them engineer mission-critical smart TV apps tailored to your business needs with optimal to support for the following most popular platforms within OTT space:

  1. Samsung Native
  2. tizen
  3. Android TV
  4. Apple TV
  5. Amazon Fire
  6. Roku TV

We helped our esteemed customers to Develope & Publish their Apps with process flow mentioned :

  • Technical Specification Drafting
    • Regular
    • Touchpad
    • Magic Mouse
    • Voice Input
  • User Experience & Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • App Submission & Publication