Parth Infotech Established in 2000, It delivers a full spectrum of high quality products.Throughout its history, It has helped to redefine itself by delivering segmented product lines targeted to specific groups of computer enthusiasts,including the youth market, computer programmers and web developers.

In tailoring its product lines to these specific consumer groups, It has built substantial brand equity and established meaningful relationships with dealers,customers. It supports its dealers, customers with walk in technical support,1 year free of cost support and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Parth Infotech is highly Quality focused and is committed to exceeding customer Expectations. We believe in our `Partnering` for `Success` approach whereby we:

  • Enter into long- term relationships with our clients
  • Automate operational/large volume processes for our clients, which enable them to focus on their core competencies and business strategies Provide significant cost savings.
  • Domain, Hosting Partner with Godaddy
  • Align ourselves with the business interests of our clients
  • We go that extra mile to ensure not just client satisfaction but client delight.

Our Clients